Why C&C?

We love cakes & pastries...who doesn’t?
And, like you, we only want the best for our loved ones!
That’s why our baked goods and preserves are crafted with carefully selected ingredients.

We truly hope that you will fall in love with our tasty creations the way we did.

Meet the Maker

Grit is...




  • a certified pastry chef, trained in the south of Germany.

  • lucky enough to have traveled the world and tasted some of the greatest pastries and sweets on this planet.

  • cherishing her family's German recipes and customizing  them for Florida's climate.




  • obsessing about recipes 24/7.

  • generally ambiguous.

  • a beer lover.

  • a shoe fanatic.


The Holidays are here and we are in the midst of our busiest baking season.

All Stollen are done, resting comfortably and waiting to be enjoyed soon.

Available now: C&C’s holiday cookies, gingerbread, Stollen bites, Linzer cookies, vanilla crescents, just to name a few.

Please visit our FB page for additional information and pick up your favorite baked goods at your local farmers market in Lakeland (Sat) and in Celebration (Sun).

C&C also offers customized gift baskets & services for your special events!

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