Like many others, I always dreamed of having my own business. However, it was never the right time or place to do so. After I moved to Central Florida and got settled in, I did my research on how to open a business “on the side.”

I'm proud of the fact that, within a short period of time, I was able to grow C&C to an extend that I can now devote all my time to pastry making.


In March 2021 I opened the C&C Kaffeehaus in Plant City,FL 

offering my unique sweet & savory treats to the community.

I'm very passionate about my work and want to get the details right. This passion trickles down to my customers. I put my heart and soul into my products, and I believe you can taste it. I don’t take shortcuts and only sell what I would want my family to eat. I start with my traditional European recipes and add seasonal local products. I offer baked goods everyone can feel good about eating. I also enjoy working with local farmers, using their produce to make my gourmet fruit preserves and pastries.

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